The MAHA Foundation Grant Criteria

A. No geographical restrictions

Foundation Council Members will give preference to projects that they can visit in person (at their own expense) to assess the progress and ongoing benefits of the project;

B. Supporting children and young adults

Applications for charitable grants are invited from charities and not-for-profit organizations that support children and young adults in need through education, healthcare, and community development projects.

C. No request is too small

In addition to the main December "honorary" grants for larger USD$10k+ projects, multiple Small Grants are also made throughout the year ranging in value from USD$500 to USD$2k.
Applications can be made via email or using the contact form and should include the following details about the project:
  • Which of the Grants is being applied for (Healthcare, EducationCommunity Development or Happiness);
  • Details of the project (who it will benefit, where and how);
  • Total project costs anticipated and the term of the project; 
  • Confirmation that the Council Members will be able to visit the project at the pre, during and post stages of development;