The MAHA Foundation Grant

To provide community development services to children and young adults suffering hardship
Sangarappillai Mahalingham (12.09.1941- 9.08.2010)

The MAHA Foundation Grant is provided each year to support a community development project in an impoverished area. 

This is in recognition of Sangarappillai ''Maha'' Mahalingham's desire to help others to establish themselves in life. Maha was the son of a Jaffna farmer who worked hard throughout every aspect of his life to qualify as a respected chartered software engineer and build a life for his family in the UK.

''Live your life with honesty, integrity, self-discipline, ambition, affection, service to others, respect for others, hard work and perseverance. Sacrifice short term pleasure for long term happiness.''
Sangarappillai ''Maha'' Mahalingham