Sivakamy Mahalingham Grant 

To provide education services to children and young adults suffering hardship
Sivakamy Mahalingham (22.07.1947 - 13.1.2021)

The Sivakamy Mahalingham Grant is made each year to support a charitable education project. Siva was passionate about ensuring pre-school children have a strong grounding in English and Mathematics so that they will be able to support themselves and others as they progress into adulthood. 

Siva is the celebrated author of ''Rice and Kari'' - a book first published in 2010 that contains circa 400 traditional Sri Lankan & South Indian recipes. 

Sivakamy donated the proceeds from copies of the book sold to charitable organizations. 

Sivakamy Tribute Website.

''Thank God every day for that particular day''
Sivakamy Mahalingham