*S.P.E.C.S. - Saroj Patel Eye Clinic Service*

Uncorrected refractive errors are the predominant cause of visual impairment amongst children in impoverished areas. As these issues can be detected with ease, it is the aim of The MAHA Foundation to establish an eye screening service during annual camps (with follow up appointments) to detect problems and to dispense prescription glasses to children as needed. The SPECS campaign to collect spare glasses will be supplemented by the purchase of prescription glasses to order from reputable suppliers.

SPECS in Numbers:

Children and Young Adults Screened to date:

Prescription Glasses Supplied and Fitted to date:
This initiative is led by Foundation Chair and Optometrist Nita Mahalingham

The annual SPECS Camps are funded by the Saroj Patel Grant and are only made possible by the above mentioned technical specialists who donate their valuable time and expertise. In addition, The MAHA Foundation is indebted to (i) all those who have donated their spare prescription glasses, (ii) family and friends who have donated funds to this worthy cause, and (iii) the following Institutions for their generous support:
Donation of testing equipment for depth assessment of children
Donation of 300 prescription glasses
and Optical Equipment
Donation of resources/stickers for
children attending the SPECS Eye Camps

Bentota Travel Mart
Transportation of equipment on the ground in Sri Lanka